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In the Media

The Tara Sharma Show (Season 4, Episode 4)

In my second appearance on the Tara Sharma Show, we discussed about children pursuing their passion and how much parents need to be involved. 

The Tara Sharma Show (Season 4, Episode 9)

We discussed taboo topics that are kept hidden from children not just because they may be awkward to share, but also to protect the child.

LSDcast (Episode 35)

As a guest psychologist in Episode 35 the podcast, we explored what's it like going too far in pursuit of happiness, at the cost of someone else's broken marriage. 

LSDcast (Episode 31)

We unravel what's going on when a listener tells us her ex keeps liking her posts and comments on social media. Does this passive act have meaning?

The Tara Sharma Show (Season 3)

I was invited to the Tara Sharma Show (Season 3, Episode 2), as a parenting expert. Do check out the entire episode on the left.

Hrishi K. show, 94.3 Radio One

I was called to talk about Millenial Dads and their role in parenting. Do listen to the entire segment without breaks, if it interests you. 

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