Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear

Do you know the difference between anxiety and stress? What can you do when you have a panic attack? How do you know when it's time to get help?


Anxiety is a mental health crisis that has gripped over three crore Indians. In my debut book Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear, I delve into the condition, using case studies to identify how anxiety can be triggered at work, in relationships, and by social media. I have attempted to share a unique glimpse into this mental health condition in India, especially among Gen Z and millennials.


By recommending strategies and techniques for anxiety-prone readers, this book will help you confront your fears and take control of your life.


‘Sonali tackles a difficult subject with warmth and confidence.’
— Dr Dayal Mirchandani, psychiatrist

‘A book for our times.’
— Meenal Baghel, editor, Mumbai Mirror

‘An empathetic, practical guide.’
— Rega Jha, writer; former editor-in-chief, BuzzFeed India

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