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Some Topics I cover

Managing anxiety in times of COVID-19 at your workplace

These-are times where a lot of people are feeling anxious. Given the pandemic and also uncertainty about timeline, all of us are trying to mange our mental health. This webinar is an exploration about the impact of the pandemic and in turn how can we mange our anxiety.

Managing your children's anxiety during the pandemic

Children like adults are struggling with the current situation, whether it's loss of meeting their close friends, a missed birthday party or even overconsumption of news via WhatsApp, it's been exhausting for them too. As a result children are struggling with sleep, anticipatory anxiety and are more irritated. This offers a toolkit for parents to work and manage their children's emotions across age groups.

Anxiety and Mindfulness at the workplace

Given the current scenario, while we are working from home - different people are struggling with various emotions. This webinar using principles of mindfulness is an attempt at helping you mange your anxiety, particularly for the workplace. It also delves in to how as a senior leader you can help/guide your employees. 

Self care for families in times of social distancing


This webinar explores how can we in current times, develop practices that allow us to take care of our emotional wellbeing and even those of our family. 

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