My name is Sonali Gupta and I'm a practicing Clinical Psychologist in Mumbai 
Please Note: Because of the current lockdown situation due to the coronavirus outbreak, the clinic is shut and numbers are unreachable. Kindly use the contact form to get in touch.

About Me

Over last 15 years of work, I have always felt that clients always find their own answers. As a therapist all I can do is offer a safe space which allows people to build hope, tap in to their inner resilience and learn to process various emotions. My role as a therapist is facilitative and at the same time that of providing techniques and tools for people to deal with overwhelming emotions. Therapy works on a principle of unconditional regard and at the same time an attitude where I do trust the client to know what’s best for them.

Client Concerns I Work With

I’m eclectic in my approach and I primarily lean towards human-centered, existential, and compassion based approaches in my work. I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Jungian approaches if the client's concerns require that skill-set. 

  • Issues related to burnout, work-life balance, and other professional concerns

  • Grief and trauma

  • Couples counselling

  • Sexuality related concerns

  • Adults struggling with depression and anxiety

  • Artists struggling with creative blocks

  • Relationship conflicts/management

  • Psychosomatic issues

  • Preventive work - learned optimism, building compassion and self-care

  • Working around the science of intuition and self-esteem


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