Parenting is a team sport

As a marital therapist, I often hear from couples asking for a joint session where they can address their conflicts and communication breakdown. When I meet them in person, I realize what sometimes seems like a problem in their communication, goes far beyond. Conflicts that begin over how to discipline a child end up as a spousal battle. Our inability to find a common ground and navigate how to parent together can become a huge crisis... Read my full column on

How therapy can help children

At the beginning of my career, during my internship at one of the local hospitals, my youngest client, whose developmental milestones I was checking, was three months old. When I extended my hand toward her, she would grab onto my finger; this is known as the Palmar Grasp Reflex. I was so touched by the first time she held onto my finger with her strong grip, that I have emotionally marked the moment as the beginning of my work with children... Read my full column on

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