Talking about anxiety with Shruti Seth

Shruti Seth and I had a conversation about my book "Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear". We also spoke about what anxiety looks like in the post Covid world and some techniques to manage it. You can watch the full video below or on Shruti Seth's Instagram.

My book 'Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear' is out

It feels surreal to have my book 'Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear' out in these times of Covid-19. Like everyone else I'm feeling anxious too. I wonder if it's collective anxiety. The book explores the following: Signs and symptoms of anxiety Highfunctioning anxiety How to deal with panic attacks Relationship anxiety Millennial Anxiety Short term and long term strategies for managing anxiety The book includes techniques that have helped me and my clients over the years, and I hope it helps you too. If it does, I would love to hear those stories. You can buy the Kindle version of my book here.

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