Faith to fathom, strength to surrender

Sometimes when I look back at life, important people and how life has shaped, I’m speechless. There is so much we try and control but life chooses to control us instead. I remember as a teenager I would worry about my life choices, as I took Humanities as my primary subject of study and decided to pursue Psychology. The only thing over the years that has remained constant is the ability to dream, to be passionate about work and being perceptive about people. Life amazed me by providing opportunities when I saw none. I have always wondered if being good, being punctual and choosing to follow your heart works, but these things work only if we choose to be patient. Somewhere in your 30s, many f

Compassion and assertiveness in children

There are two skills that can help children in self-preservation, and also help them form healthy relationships. These skills would be learning to be compassionate, sensitive to the needs of others; and secondly, learning to be assertive. Developing a sense of concern for others can go a long way in forming emotional bonds. At the same time, it may be crucial to stand up for one’s own rights without being aggressive. Assertiveness and compassion are some of the most effective ways to combat violence. Teach your children to care for themselves as well as others.

Trust and therapy, the stories within

Sometimes I feel there are so many stories of pain, struggle, hope and resilience buried deep within me. These are tales, that clients have trusted me with and they are sacred. I’m sure clients wonder what do I do with them. These stories continue to live a silent life within me, and no one has access to them. I remember when I was in college, a friend would tell me how I love listening to stories. Somehow in psychotherapy, I do that. When people ask me, what do I do, I say, I listen. I create an environment where people can share and be themselves. It’s a privilege to be trusted. Sometimes,when clients walk in the room with their pain, all I can see is hope and their strong will power to re

Are Indian television shows promoting suicide?

Today when my daughter was playing in the garden and I was watching over her, I suddenly heard a boy of about 6 or 7 years scream out loudly to call his mother. After the boy called couple of times and his mother didn’t pay attention to him, he threatened "If you don’t come right now, I would kill myself". I couldn’t believe what I heard. I approached the mother, who by now was standing with her son, scolding him for obvious reasons. I asked her about where he heard this, to which she replied that she had no clue. When I asked the young boy, he mentioned how on a daily soap he had heard one of the characters say this line. Just yesterday, twice on Indian daily soap, I heard the characters sp

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