Every book has two stories

Sometimes when I look at my bookshelf, I fall in love with myself all over again. Going through some of my old books I'm reminded how every book has two stories to tell. The one is the narrative that the author communicates. The other is the story about how the book came to my life. For me all the books I read come strongly recommended from my friends, therapists and then few by clients where we delve in to writing and poetry and therapy. I remember that my favourite book - "I never promised you a rose garden" by Deborah Greene was a book that found me! I remember visiting a book exhibition and found this book. When I went to pay for the book I was told that the book is not part of the exhib

In our minds

I read this quote and it stayed with me... "Some people will stay longer on your mind, than in your life" Of all lessons, there is an unlearning that has taken place about closure and our need for it. Our anxiety around the need for closure often starts defining us and this reflects in our seeking. Wouldn't it be beautiful if we allow closure to come at it's own pace, integrate it and let it become a part of us. Like some places, people who always live in our hearts no matter where and how they are. There is a love, longing, concern but also a feeling that the Universe is on their side caring for them. To all of those stories without an end.

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