Advice: Daughter's gadget addiction

My 10-year-old daughter seems to be quite addicted to gadgets, whether it’s playing games or browsing on the phone. She spends too much time on the phone and iPad. She gets irritated and angry if we don’t give her the phone. We are worried that this may turn into an addiction... Read my full advice column on

Bonding with your child

When I was a psychology student, I always wondered about the weight placed on early childhood experiences. Did they really have the power to shape our lives? I could never quite believe it. But in my practice, I have realized the importance of our early attachments, especially emotional bonding with our mothers, fathers, or other primary caregivers... Read my full column on

Advice: Introversion in children

I’m mother to a 5-year-old daughter who loves to read, but I feel it’s making her an introvert. Her teachers point out she is generally quite shy in school as well, and prefers the company of only one or two children. She also gets tired and irritable when she is surrounded by too many people. Both my husband and I are extroverts with active social lives, and I’m beginning to worry about her introversion. What do you suggest I do about this? Read my advice column on

Making marriage work as new parents

One Sunday morning, I get a panicked call from a friend saying she is faced with a huge crisis and can’t make a decision. “My husband and I feel we are ready to have a child, but I’m afraid that love would no longer be the same between us”... Read my full column on

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