Raising a socially conscious child

So my daughter saw an Idea commercial and felt that it was prejudiced in it’s outlook towards women. So here is my story about how my 5 year old daughter learnt to be socially conscious.Sometimes I feel my social service genes and attitude has rubbed off.Any opinions? Read my full post on Qiddle

In the company of books

There are moments when I feel lost, and what comes to my rescue is an idea - lines from a book along with the strength to move on. Some of us turn inward when faced with a crisis or a depressing moment, and then there are others who turn outwards to people, engaging with the community. Sometimes it is important to remember that Kafka, Rilke, Camus and Yalom have all the answers. I remember as child I used to be immersed in books and continued to seek solace in their company. Strangely, these books have moved in to my therapy sessions and some clients need an idea that cognitively resonates with them, and then emotionally liberates them. For some of us, a writer is more magical than a therap

Control the sadness, don't let it control you

Somewhere deep in the corner of all our hearts lies sadness. A little criticism, a life event, sense of rejection and sometimes the lack of inherent meaning of life triggers it all. Then all of a sudden, sadness chooses to become an active part of us, slowly playing a higher role in who we are. What you do with your sadness is a personal choice. I drown my sadness in writing while there are some who drown it in running or exercising. The trick is to find healthy adaptive ways to be mindful of the sadness and yet allow it to pass, by engaging with life. Choose to substitute sadness with pleasant memories and remind yourself how resilient you are. Remember that sadness distorts us and our self

Lasting friendships

Some conversations fill our heart with happiness. Strange as it may sound, there was a time when I felt sad about all my close friends moving out of the city, or settling abroad. But what remains constant is our ability to connect with each other, no matter when we speak. We pick the phone and start from where we left. The boundaries of distance and time barely matter. Maybe with age, the perspective on friendship has changed. Now I feel the need to be around people who are kind, compassionate and warm. So the need for mere intellectual connections or people who validate my thoughts is less. In these friendships, I find genuineness, and a deep sense of connection.

World Mental Health Day

I started working as a therapist about 10 years back,not sure if the world even needs therapists. Now, on the World Mental Health day I feel that all of us need to pause, look within and introspect about where we are heading. There are mental disorders and then there are lifestyle issues such as Digital addiction, burnout, lack of resilience, the illusion of the social networking. Stop and ask yourself, if you have nurtured your mind and soul in a while. If not, do it now. Life can wait.

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