Is marriage really the "happily ever after"?

I recently was reading some fairy tales to my 5-year-old daughter, and she asked me, “Why do all fairy tales end with a marriage followed by ‘and they lived happily ever after’?” I was stunned by the question and struck by how subtly we communicate ideas about the correlation between love, marriage and happiness, almost conditioning children to believe that marriage leads to happiness... Read my full column on

Fighting depression by finding strength within

As I’m sitting down after listening to Deepika Padukone’s interview on NDTV about her personal experience of depression, I’m moved to the point where tears are rolling down my eyes and I feel an immense sense of respect and admiration for her. I look back at my life as a Psychologist, where clients chose to trust me with their deepest vulnerable selves, I realize how most of them have moved on to a better space, where they are more in charge, have dealt with past baggage and chosen to turn their vulnerabilities into their strength. The interview was a reminder of how some clients have said exactly the same words that Deepika narrated. Sometimes depression or anxiety leads a silent life, with

Self-care for self-esteem

Over the last ten years, as a clinical psychologist working with women, I have had the opportunity to hear deeply personal stories shared by clients across age groups. And I always ask them a question that may seem simple on the surface: “Have you been taking care of yourself?” The answer is always no.... Read my full column on

In the company of men

So my Facebook and Twitter, is filled with people sharing India’s Daughter Documentary. I wonder if this is perpetuating a prejudice of it’s own kind, I understand there are men out there, with an attitude documented, but I have a different story to tell. So I choose to look at men like my husband, brother and a lot of my friends on my Facebook list who are some of the most compassionate, sensitive and beautiful human beings. These men are what I call humanists, they felt the same pain as I felt when the Nirbhaya incident happened. They were hurt, tormented and wondered how we could change it. To stereotype, Indian men and put them in a box, I don’t think I agree with that statement. I read

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