My Daughter Changes The Endings Of Fairy Tales To Suit The Values We’ve Taught Her!

My daughter has been raised in the company of books. From the age of 2, she has been listening to stories; stories that have now become a part of her personality. Now that she is almost 5, we spend about 30 minutes to an hour daily, reading stories. This is her time to wonder, imagine, laugh, ask questions and even learn something new while at it... Read my full post on Qiddle

Gadget addiction in children

Recently, when I was at a restaurant for dinner, I noticed a family— parents with two kids aged around 5 and 9 years. They barely maintained any eye contact and the only noticeable conversation was with their attendant. Everyone was glued to their respective iPads and cell phones. My heart sank as I watched this and wondered how the concept of 'family time' is fading... Read my full post on DNA India

Happiness as a life goal

Being a psychologist has its advantages. Everyone has a story and just because I’m a therapist, it gets easier for people to share. So, because of my role, I have the privilege of parents, children and teenagers telling me their most intimate experiences. What I often hear is a need for achievement and it usually overrides the need for happiness. When babies are born , they start belonging not only to the family but also in to the baggage of parental dreams, expectations.What would happen if we start expecting our kids only to be happy? Our only dream would be that they are good human beings. In the pursuit of good grades or let’s say high grades, getting in to the best college, choosing ei

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