Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the last two weeks, in the light of COVID-19, a lot of people have been experiencing anxiety and also various mental health concerns in relation to the pandemic. If you are also struggling with this, here is a video that I have made about managing anxiety. Along with that the following are two articles that I have written about our mental health in times of coronavirus and social distancing. - Anxiety in times of coronavirus - Mental health in times of social distancing

My Upcoming Book on Anxiety

Update: The book is out now on Amazon Kindle As a psychologist, in the last 5 years anxiety has emerged as the topmost concern when it comes to therapy. My experience with clients tells me that anxiety has increased across gender and across age groups. The changing landscapes of relationships, job culture, technology are some of the factors that the book discusses in relation to what triggers anxiety in all of us. Its impact can be seen in an increase in panic attacks that people are experiencing, their struggle with sleep, and a pattern of overthinking. My upcoming book "Anxiety: Overcoming it to Live Without Fear" uses variety of case studies, vignettes and examples to describe how anxiety

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