Building Resilient Communities and Ecosystems

To paraphrase what Andrew Zolli says in his book 'Resilience' – Even with the perfect knowledge one can't escape the nagging suspicion that we are ballroom dancing in the middle of a minefield. As I hear about the Rohith Vemula suicide, somewhere the hope is lost and I realise how we as a society have failed to create resilient ecosystems. Every student suicide is a reminder that University campuses have failed to create safety nets and how our social, political, cultural realities consume the life of young people. As a society we can't sideline the reality that political and cultural undercurrents impact the way a student relates to the world. Sometimes in the absence of purpose, there is a

Stitching Yourself Back

I saw this post on twitter: For me I needed this question to articulate what I felt within. I wondered that at most times, the parts don't account for a complete self. There are times when one feels fragmented – there is dissent within followed by discontent. Various conflicting selves and the deafening sounds that consume our being. Dissonance is where the answers lie - to listen closely, find the inner voice buried deep inside as it navigates it's way - beyond the realms of right, wrong, practical and realistic.

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