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In the company of men

So my Facebook and Twitter, is filled with people sharing India’s Daughter Documentary. I wonder if this is perpetuating a prejudice of it’s own kind, I understand there are men out there, with an attitude documented, but I have a different story to tell.

So I choose to look at men like my husband, brother and a lot of my friends on my Facebook list who are some of the most compassionate, sensitive and beautiful human beings. These men are what I call humanists, they felt the same pain as I felt when the Nirbhaya incident happened. They were hurt, tormented and wondered how we could change it. To stereotype, Indian men and put them in a box, I don’t think I agree with that statement. I read a post about an Indian student, who lost their internship abroad due to this prevalent bias that Indian men can’t be trusted.

My husband has cooked meals for my daughter, been a support for our daughter and I also see my friend’s husbands do a similar thing. Male colleagues have understood how it is difficult to multitask and have been sensitive to the concerns.

My worry is we choose to show documentaries and focus on one side of the nation. Do we want to raise our children in an environment of paranoia? Let me say I’m in the company of men, who I have utmost regard for and I think they choose to be that way. So I would love to hear stories of Indian men who have supported you and I’m sure all of us have that one person at least in our life.

Please share this post widely if you can and tell me your story/stories that help us fight the prejudice against Indian men.

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