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In the company of books

There are moments when I feel lost, and what comes to my rescue is an idea - lines from a book along with the strength to move on.

Some of us turn inward when faced with a crisis or a depressing moment, and then there are others who turn outwards to people, engaging with the community. Sometimes it is important to remember that Kafka, Rilke, Camus and Yalom have all the answers.

I remember as child I used to be immersed in books and continued to seek solace in their company. Strangely, these books have moved in to my therapy sessions and some clients need an idea that cognitively resonates with them, and then emotionally liberates them.

For some of us, a writer is more magical than a therapist. Good books transport us to the hidden terrains within our own self, which often is layered with so much conditioning.

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