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Control the sadness, don't let it control you

Somewhere deep in the corner of all our hearts lies sadness. A little criticism, a life event, sense of rejection and sometimes the lack of inherent meaning of life triggers it all. Then all of a sudden, sadness chooses to become an active part of us, slowly playing a higher role in who we are.

What you do with your sadness is a personal choice. I drown my sadness in writing while there are some who drown it in running or exercising. The trick is to find healthy adaptive ways to be mindful of the sadness and yet allow it to pass, by engaging with life. Choose to substitute sadness with pleasant memories and remind yourself how resilient you are. Remember that sadness distorts us and our self-esteem.

I’m reminded of a song from Coke Studio "Madari", that we need not suppress the emotions and we can train the mind to happiness. The tricky part is that the key to training your mind, lies within you.

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