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Faith to fathom, strength to surrender

Sometimes when I look back at life, important people and how life has shaped, I’m speechless.

There is so much we try and control but life chooses to control us instead. I remember as a teenager I would worry about my life choices, as I took Humanities as my primary subject of study and decided to pursue Psychology. The only thing over the years that has remained constant is the ability to dream, to be passionate about work and being perceptive about people. Life amazed me by providing opportunities when I saw none.

I have always wondered if being good, being punctual and choosing to follow your heart works, but these things work only if we choose to be patient. Somewhere in your 30s, many feel like they are coming to being. It's only in your 30s that you allow life to happen to you. As I write this, I think of a yacht party I went to, where while overlooking the seas, I felt I was ready to surrender. When I was 20 years old, I had this dream that continues to inspire me, and over years now I feel like I have finally understood it.

In that dream, I saw these two lines -

Faith to Fathom

Strength to Surrender

It’s strange how I oscillate when it comes to faith and then strangely find it comforting in moments. It's been so many years since the dream happened, but I guess I'm finally beginning to see what it means to surrender.

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