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Trust and therapy, the stories within

Sometimes I feel there are so many stories of pain, struggle, hope and resilience buried deep within me. These are tales, that clients have trusted me with and they are sacred. I’m sure clients wonder what do I do with them. These stories continue to live a silent life within me, and no one has access to them.

I remember when I was in college, a friend would tell me how I love listening to stories. Somehow in psychotherapy, I do that. When people ask me, what do I do, I say, I listen. I create an environment where people can share and be themselves. It’s a privilege to be trusted.

Sometimes,when clients walk in the room with their pain, all I can see is hope and their strong will power to recover. I see courage that each client brings in,every time, they choose to share their deepest buried secret. I owe gratitude to them and that’s why I let the story lie deep within the recesses of my mind and soul.

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