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Mrs Funnybones - alternative to therapy?

It's funny how a light hearted book like "Mrs Funnybones" by Twinkle Khanna can leave such a lasting impression.

It’s been two weeks and I choose to reread parts of the book every now and then. The book is a wonderful blend of an emotion-filled personal narration seasoned with humour and insights.

My favourite chapters in the book are ‘Don’t let go’ and one about ‘Victory lies in cutting your losses and not wrists’. Twinkle’s ability to address some of the most complicated topics with ease, lightheartedness and simplicity impacts the reader. I love it when she says – the only thing that is free in life is bad advice. Here, without being judgmental or preachy, she uses beautiful analogies that educators and parents can use to emotionally strengthen their children.

Twinkle Khanna with her intelligence and wit deals with tricky terrains and still manages to bring a renewed perspective. As I try to explain positive psychology to a client, I’m reminded of the book and how the book does just that. Mrs Funnybones brings back the feeling that no matter how life seems different for all of us, it still fundamentally is the same. We all fret over similar issues, crib a little and finally move around to accepting or adapting to it. Some, like Twinkle, do it better by choosing to laugh at themselves.

As I sit with the book, I’m reminded of what Twinkle Khanna said over a twitter chat – "A laugh a day - keeps the therapist away’. The crooked mind of mine creates this vision of Twinkle playing a psychologist and healing people with her perspective, humour and metaphors. Definitely not good for me, but maybe good for the emotional well being of others.

"Mrs Funnybones" is thought-provoking, powerful and instills a change in perspective to find your own humour in the so-called complicated lives we create.

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