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Technology versus real human connections

In today’s age, we have armed ourselves with weapons of escape that never existed before, and these weapons can pretty much ruin the social fabric of our lives.

The more we are connected to the world outside, the lesser we seem to be connected to the world within. In our pursuit for being updated, we are choosing to isolate ourselves from real people, real conversations. It is so much easier to bury one’s head to one’s cell phone or laptop, post a bad day, or a fight and find solace in the virtual world. Maybe more relationships would be mended if people looked at each other more, people spoke, chose to make peace in each other’s presence and not on WhatsApp.

Sometimes I wonder if we are losing ourselves to technology and we are consciously or unconsciously allowing ourselves to be swayed by the information overload that the virtual world entails. Am I preaching against the use technology? Of course not! We cant live without technology, and it would be quite ironic of me, considering that you're reading about this on my blog.

But let's not allow our gadgets to substitute for the warmth that real human connections can provide. A big part of me wonders if we would lose the joy of holding hands with our partner, singing, or talking to our children during their growing years just because we are too busy looking at a screen.

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