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Advice: ‘Brutal Realities Have Impacted My Behaviour’

I’m very emotional. I cry and hurt easily and do not try to hide my feelings. After the death of my Dad, I have been taking more family responsibilities. And then my girlfriend decided to move on, which was as tough to face as the reality of my father’s death. It has been a tough time with a lot of challenges. I sometimes feel I’ve been successful in handling these challenges, and sometimes feel I have not. Facing these brutal realities has impacted my behaviour, and I sometimes lose my cool, get highly angry, have mood swings, and try to hurt myself. Sometimes, I let the anger go by breaking a mug or throwing a pillow or other object. But I have difficulty pulling out of these negative thoughts and behaviours once I’ve started. Despite this, I always see the value for life. I think the biggest problem is losing my cool and getting super angry. Can you help me?

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